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Planning the Wedding

Flowers And Bouquets

Add a dose of colour, perfume, and personality to your wedding. Indulge in the delightful task of lavishing your celebration with flowers!

Flowers in Season

Fresh flowers are a delightful tradition. Your choice can harmonise with the season of your wedding, or, if you prefer, provide a refreshing variation!

Gift Registry

Let your guests know exactly what gifts you would love to receive. Bridal registries are a comprehensive and professional approach to gift giving and receiving, making the selection easier for your guests.

Gifts And Thank You Notes

Generosity should always be acknowledged. This is true of the delightful gift-giving process that accompanies most weddings. You will need to thank your friends individually for their thoughtfulness.


Photographs are the bookmarks to your memories. They have an unparalleled capacity to capture the moment. On the most important day of your life, you can ask for nothing less than perfect images.

Stationery & Bomboniere

First impressions last. Your wedding invitations will prepare the guests for the tone of your wedding and your bomboniere will convey your message of friendship, good wishes and appreciation.

Timeless Traditions

They’re the delightful little rituals or charms that make the wedding day so special.

Transport for your Wedding

At your wedding you will be expected to make a grand entrance. For today you are Cinderella in her coach!


In choosing a video professional to capture this epic event, there is one skill they must possess over all others. They must be exceptional storytellers.

Wedding Services

Feeling a little overwhelmed? It is a great feat to stay on top of all the details of your wedding. Whether you only need a little help, or would prefer the entire event to be taken out of your hands, there are professionals ready to help.

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