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The Reception

At Your Reception

Your vows have been exchanged; your signatures placed for all to see. This union deserves to be celebrated!

Decorating your Wedding

This is the chance to really make your mark. Your imagination will be your guide as you adorn your wedding day with colour, texture and intimate detail.

Hiring A Professional Caterer

Intimate, personal, familiar. It’s true that there’s no place like home. The challenge is turning your home into a fairytale reception venue.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies has a big day ahead of them. But it will be just as rewarding as exhausting. You can entrust this task to someone close to you, or you can hire a professional.

Music And Entertainment

A piece of music can inspire a memory. Your music and entertainment will seal your day. What will be the soundtrack to your wedding?

Planning Your Reception

Congratulations, you have reached one of life’s great milestones. Mark the entrance into your new life with the ultimate party. Share your elation with the people you love.

Seating Arrangements

Although the final plan is up to you and your family, there are a few guidelines that may make the process a little easier. Let the feast begin!

Seating Your Guests

Everyone has arrived at the reception; pre-dinner drinks have been consumed. It’s time to take a seat!

The Wedding Cake

Sharing your wedding cake together is a profound symbol of your unity. Sharing it with your guests is another way of expressing the significant part they have played in this unity.

Toasts And Speeches

The Toasts and Speeches are a precious opportunity for a selection of your guests to express their thoughts and feelings into words. Ideally, this part of the night should merge tradition with delightful moments of spontaneity.

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