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BD {Real Weddings}

David & Courtney

How about a tranquil bush wedding where family and friends can relax and enjoy this special day with you?

David & Inge

We absolutely adore this wedding!!

Henk & Hannah

Hannah's beautiful and interesting wedding dress, her stunning smile, and Henk's obvious appreciation of his beautiful bride ensured amazing images!

Himesh & Jo-Lize

What could be more elegant than a wedding celebration at the breathtaking Westcliff Hotel?

Martin & Tarryn

Lethabo Estate is such a beautiful property and Quintin did a great job capturing stunning images of this wedding.

Murray & Jackie

Urban inspired weddings are growing in popularity, and here we can see why!

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André & Esther

A Scottish Wedding at the very romantic Casa Toscana !!!

Etienne & Annette (Real Life Wedding)

When you drive the lonely road to Elandsbay on the West Coast, the white dunes and blue atlantic takes your breat away...

Jennifer & Richard {Real Wedding}

Jennifer and Richard met at her mom’s house on Christmas day, 2007. Richard was there with a friend of his, who happened to be Jennifer’s cousin. It was love at first sight! Richard even made unnecessary trips to the bathroom just to catch a glimpse of Jennifer. Richard says: “I just knew she would be my wife someday..!”

Josch & Michelle (Real Life Wedding)

This beautiful baby pink, silver and wood inspired wedding will give you loads op inspiration!

Larraine & Steven {Real Wedding}

Laraine and Steven met through a mutual friend, but only saw each other on occasion. One night when they finally started talking, there was immediate chemistry – it felt as if they’d known each other forever...

Nelia & Henry {Real Wedding}

Nelia was introduced to Henry in 2002, as his brother’s girlfriend. Henry immediately liked her, but needless to say, she was spoken for...

Wilma & Paul {Real Wedding}

Six years ago, Paul made an impression on Wilma as guest speaker at a class in television presenting which Wilma attended. Then in 2009, a mutual friend, who thought these two would hit it off introduced them officially, they met for dinner, realised they actually remember each other from that class, and felt that this relationship was meant to be...

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