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Master of Ceremonies


As the intermediary of your reception, the Master of Ceremonies or “MC” has a delicate task in front of them. The Best Man, a relative, or a close friend of the family often fills the position. However, more often couples are placing this difficult task in the hands of a professional.

The MC has a lot on their plate. They need to be prepared for everything by staying on top of their own tasks while ensuring an appropriate atmosphere is created and all the other wedding professionals are satisfied. Their central speaking duties involve introducing the guests if there is a reception line, introducing the bride and groom, and, most importantly, acting as a mediator between the toasts and speeches during the wedding reception. Your MC should be able to ensure that everything and everyone is in the right place and order at all times. They are in charge of a great deal of the general running of the event, and should be aware that they probably won’t be able to drink, dance and socialise as freely as other guests.

When choosing your MC ensure they’re aware of the amount of preparation that comes with the job. Ideally you would want to find someone who is extraverted and comfortable in front of crowds. If they don’t like speaking in front of people but have their heart set on performing the task, you might suggest one of the excellent Toastmasters courses.

Hopefully they’ll already know the pertinent people in the wedding party as well as the speakers they’re introducing. If they don’t, they should get in contact with them before the wedding. Importantly, they should feel relaxed and natural, as it’s often the moments of spontaneity that prove the most memorable. As such, it is preferable that your MC has an easy sense of humour.

As you can see, it is a very skillful and precise task to undertake. It’s a role that involves the perfect mix of planning and spontaneity. This is exactly why the popularity of professional MC’s is growing. The employment of a professional MC means that all the guests can relax, socialise and enjoy the event. It’s the job of the professional MC to focus entirely on the smooth running of the reception. Remember that all MC’s have a different style and sense of humour, so you will definitely have to check a few out before settling on one that will be appropriate for your wedding. Make sure you get in contact with some of their past clients to find out if they were happy.

What Makes A Professional MC

  • They will be familiar with the responsibilities of the other professionals working at the reception. There is an immediate understanding and rapport that helps in the execution of their job.

  • An MC can anticipate, recognise and deal directly with any problems that may arise. This can be done with ease; without disrupting the ambience of the evening or disturbing the guests.

  • A professional MC is familiar with the timing of events. They are trained to co-ordinate each important step, making necessary adjustments.
  • They have the talent to bring all the aspects of the reception together to create an appropriate atmosphere taking into account the personalities of the bride and groom.

Using the talents mentioned above, the MC provides an added sparkle that only comes with experience. By creating a feeling that the guests are at a very special event, the MC is making the your reception unique.

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