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Bridal Accessories

Photo: Carla van Dyk Photography

A girl can never have too many accessories. True … so long as she doesn’t wear them all at once! Accessories can make or break an outfit – so now that it’s time to choose the little extras that can turn fabulous into sensational, remember the golden rule of wedding jewellery: Don’t overdo it. As long as your jewellery suits the rest of your look, you can be as creative as you like with your accessories. They’ll add your own special signature style to your outfit, and should never be a last minute choice.

A glittering bracelet, or just the right necklace can put a dazzling finishing touch to a plain bodice or bare neckline. Likewise, carefully selected earrings add an element of elegance and draw attention to your features, particularly if you’re wearing your hair swept up. And if you’re looking for something to set off your hairstyle, try out some of the beautifully decorated hairpins and hair combs that are available.

While you’re on the trail of all those gorgeous trinkets, keep in mind that they should be a reflection of your own natural style. If you’ve never felt comfy in big earrings or bulky necklaces, why contemplate them now?

And then there’s your gown. The style you’ve selected will dictate which accessories will work, and which won’t. For example if you’re thinking gloves, be aware that while they can clutter the lines of a long sleeved gown, a sleeveless gown with elbow length gloves equals instant chic. You should also consider your gown’s fabric, not to mention your wedding theme, when choosing your accessories.

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