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Fashion For The Groom


Yes, your bride is going to shine - and sure, most eyes will be turned her way. So, all the more reason for you to look your sharpest and step it out in style.

There’s a huge range of fabrics, prints, textures, and designs for you to choose from, but how do you know whether you should wear a beige linen jacket or a black dinner suit? Well, that depends on how formal your wedding will be.

If it’s a casual affair, then choose from linen, cotton and other lightweight fabrics. Styles can include looser, less structured cuts with a soft shoulder line and two or three jacket buttons. Colours to look out for are taupe, white, light grey or blue, beige, tan or brown. Team your suit with a shirt worn open at the neck or with a tie (your choice) and a pair of light coloured loafers.

For a slightly more formal look, consider a suit in a darker colour, charcoal or navy for example, with more contouring and a firmer shoulder line. The fabric can be heavier and if you don’t want to wear a tie, pick a shirt in a fashionable print.

If your wedding is unreservedly formal, than you should be thinking traditional double or single-breasted black dinner suit, or a grey morning coat, possibly tails and maybe a vest or a cummerbund. Three quarter or peacock jackets are a popular choice. A classic shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks is perfect, and a cravat is a definite possibility.

For a cocktail style wedding, you can ease away from strict formality and be a little more adventurous. Opt for a charcoal or grey suit, either pinstriped or plain, or you might prefer one of the wonderfully rich colours that have become a feature of modern suits. Your shirt could be standard or tuxedo, French cuffs are fine and whether or not you wear a tie is again your choice.

No matter what style you and your groomsmen will be dressed in, it’s important for you to stand out from the crowd. A jacket that’s different from those of your attendants is one way to achieve that. How about a white dinner jacket for you and traditional black tuxes for the boys (or the other way around)? Does your tux have satin lapels? Then make theirs plain. Variety in your vests also makes a mark. For example, if you choose a black tie and vest, match the colour of your groomsmen’s vest with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Alternatively, you could wear a cummerbund and put the lads in vests.

More suggestions required? Try different types of tie. If you wear a bow tie, they wear neckties. If they wear bow ties, you wear a cravat.

The question you are probably pondering right now is whether to hire or buy – and there are pros and cons to both approaches. An easy rule of thumb? If you’re going formal and are unlikely to get a lot of wear from the outfit, hire the best you can afford. Conversely, if the look is casual, buying your outfit can represent a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe.

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