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Is there any better way to capture the emotion, excitement and colour of your wedding day than by becoming the leading lady in your very own wedding movie? The most enchanting day of your life will be over before you know it. But a professionally made video puts time on hold. You can re-live the day as many times as you want … just press ‘play’!

Better still, you can hear as well as see the moments that made the day so special: the music, the speeches, the laughter – all captured forever.

A video also gives you the chance to catch up on those little things that you missed (while you drifted along in a haze of happiness), but your videographer didn’t: your fiancé anxiously awaiting your arrival at the church; your flower girl, eyes wide with excitement; the look of pride on your dad’s face; and your mum as she shed a few quiet tears.

Even if you are notoriously camera shy, having your wedding filmed is not confrontational, intrusive, or in any way frightening. A professional will tend to blend into the background, and chances are that you’ll forget they are even there.

A professional will also encourage your guests to participate, so you’ll have a wonderful mix of candid images as well as the main event (that’s you). For this reason, it’s a good idea to let your guests know in advance that you are having your day filmed so they won’t get a surprise when the cameras start rolling.

A video is a great gift to send to family and friends who weren’t able to attend your wedding, and if future children want to know what mum and dad looked like when they got married, you can show them.

A professional videographer has technical expertise and all the necessary professional equipment. However, state-of-the-art technology alone will not breath life into the end product. Only an experienced eye will capture the magic of the day, and only a skilled storyteller will be able to translate that magic to video. With skillful editing a sequence of events can be combined into a beautiful and moving narrative. The precious moments captured as you got ready, arrived at the wedding venue, exchanged your vows, signed the register, left for your reception, danced the bridal waltz and cut your wedding cake will blend together to become a vivid and lasting memory of a very special day.

As with your photographer, start the search early to find a professional with whom you feel comfortable. If you have a recommendation from a friend or from your photographer, so much the better. Make an appointment to call at the videographer’s studio to see samples of their work. As you view their showreels, consider presentation, quality, sound and lighting. If the images are clear and consistently focused, with well-lit indoor and outdoor shots, fluid camera movements free of shake, undistorted sound and unobtrusive visual effects, you know that the videographer is technically competent.

But do you like their style? Because if you don’t, no matter how professional they are, they are not the right videographer for you.

The next step is to ask questions: Can they give you client references? Will you get a highlights tape as well as a fully edited version? Will they be present throughout the reception? What kind of lighting do they use? Will there be one camera or two? Can you select the music for the sound track? How long will it take to edit the footage? Can you approve the final cut and will you have access to the raw footage?

Also ask about the exact content of their package and the costs involved. Packages can vary from the cost of a simple package to a complete edited wedding video, with all of the extras. You will need to consider your budget and discuss the many available options with your videographer.

Equipment is another thing to query. Professionals only use the latest high-end quality equipment. These formats produce crisp pictures, clear sound and can be easily transferred to DVD.

Once you have the basics established, talk to your professional about what you envisage for your special day. And although they should listen carefully to what you want, they should also be able to offer some creative and useful suggestions.

Finally, ask for an itemised quote. Then compare prices, make your choice and make a booking. Good videographers are in great demand. However, before signing a contract, ensure that it includes the time, date and location for filming, the agreed video content, any specific editing requests, the fee, and an approximate delivery date.

With the help of your videographer, plan the production of your video in great detail. This includes the practical as well as the artistic and aesthetic aspects. For example, you might have to get permission to shoot in your church or in other venues.

There’s tremendous creative flexibility with video production. Special effects such as slow motion and black and white footage all add to the impact of the finished piece. And give plenty of thought to your selection of music. For variety, it's a good idea to include some fast paced tracks as well as the slower, romantic pieces that mean so much to you both.

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