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Transport for your Wedding


A glittering Rolls, a horse drawn carriage, a helicopter, a red hot Ferrari or perhaps a boat or plane … how are you going to get to the church on time? Whatever you decide, you absolutely have to do it in style.

As long as your chosen transport allows you to arrive looking cool, calm, and with an uncreased gown, this is where you can have some fun and add sparkle to your day. However, if you do decide on something a little less than ordinary, have a contingency plan just in case your creative ideas won’t weather an unexpected storm!

Traditionally the groom organises the wedding transport, but before you let them loose on every car hire firm in town, let’s look at some logistics.

Firstly, there are three separate groups to cater for. It is usual for you and your father to arrive at the wedding venue in one car. Your mother, the bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party travel in a separate car, with the groom and best man in a third vehicle.

The bridesmaids’ car should arrive first, followed by yours. Arrange to get there at least ten minutes before the wedding is due to start so you can check your hair and make-up, and catch your breath.

After the ceremony, you and your new husband will ride in the first car. Your parents and attendants travel in the second car with the groom’s parents in the third. Of course, if you have a very large bridal party you may require more than three cars.

If you’ve decided on a casual wedding, you may decide to follow the tradition of borrowing a suitable car from a family member or friend. They may even like to drive you on the day. However, for larger and more formal weddings, you’ll need to find a professional wedding vehicle service – and you should probably book well in advance.

Many brides (and grooms) love the idea of vintage cars. If that’s your preferred method of transport, contact an agency that specialises in hiring these magnificent old vehicles. Most of the cars are privately owned, and the cars’ owners will often double as chauffeurs. Bear in mind though that many vintage vehicles don’t have air conditioning. So if you’re getting married on what could potentially be a hot day, keeping your cool might become a consideration.

Finally, for your ‘going away’ getaway, you can choose either to hire a vehicle or use your own (just make sure that it’s running perfectly, has a full fuel tank, and is sparkling clean). Of course, it’s tradition for the groom’s attendants to ‘decorate’ your going away car with all sorts of things, although attaching them with superglue or sticky tape should be avoided! Shaving cream can also cause damage to a car’s paintwork. And if roaring away from your reception in a fabulous fire red Ferrari is more your style – why not? Budget for it, hire it, enjoy it! This is, after all, a fairytale day when all your dreams come true...

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