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Seating Arrangements


Traditionally, the bride and bridal attendants are placed to the left, of the table and the venue, while the groom and his groomsmen are on the right. You can mix it up if you want. A common alternative is to use a male-female-male-female pattern.

Both sets of parents can be seated at the head table. The diagram above will help you in seating your parents appropriately at this table. If the bridal party is large, communication between everyone can become quite difficult. In this circumstance you may wish to seat both sets of parents on a separate table, the one closest to the head table.

Alternatively, you could have separate tables for each set of parents, seating them with close friends and relatives. The MC and/or clergyman are usually seated at the bride’s parents’ table. Again, in honour of each family, both tables should be set closest to the head table. In this case, your bridal party will sit at the head table and here is the comptemporary seating of the wedding party:

It’s not uncommon for your guests to feel slightly bewildered when entering the reception venue. The utmost concern on each mind is where they will be sitting during the event. There are simple solutions to seating your guests.

Place cards are an excellent idea for welcoming each guest to their particular table. You can individualise them at each setting or place a single attractive card in the centre of the table, bearing the name of each guest. Do ensure the place cards harmonise with the rest of your wedding stationery.

Make use of the Table Seating Planner in the My Wedding section of this website.

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