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Getting Ready

Photo: Carly van Dyk Photography

Overcoming Nerves
If you’re anything like most people, you will be nervous on your wedding day. This is your day after all, and you want everything to go as planned. Don’t panic, nerves are perfectly natural and expected. They will give you the energy and excitement necessary for such a day.
However, you must do everything in your power to avoid feeling burnt-out or exasperated. Don’t let stress or nerves take over. The best advice is to try not to do too much the day before your wedding, have an afternoon rest and go to bed early so that you are well rested on the wedding day.
Avoid planning your hen’s night for the evening before your wedding (the same goes for the groom’s bachelor party). This should be a quiet night. Take the opportunity to collect your thoughts. Have a long soak in the bath, a quiet walk on your own, listen to music that calms you, or, if you think you need some extra pampering, have a massage.
It is traditional to spend this evening with your family, but do keep things simple. You will all benefit on your wedding day if your entire family are rested and relaxed.

Gaining Control
This is your event; you can stay in control of it. You will feel more relaxed if a professional does your hair and makeup. Ensure you have this all organised well in advance. If necessary, have the best man come by to pick up your going-away outfit and honeymoon luggage. Instruct him to bring the clothing to the reception venue. Your attendants should be dressed before you. This way you can look over any detail that might be missing. Your make-up should be done after theirs, so you still look fresh at the ceremony. You should start dressing for the wedding approximately one and a half hours before you have to leave. Your bridesmaids will be an enormous help to you at this stage. Put your dress and your veil on last.

Moments For Photography
Don’t mind the photographer as they will want to take photos during the preparation stage. These can be lovely, natural moments to look back on when it’s all over. Allow thirty minutes for the photography, enabling the shoot to cover your attendants and your last moments with your parents.

Arriving At The Wedding
Ensure there’s plenty of time for you to arrive at the wedding feeling relaxed and confident. You may want to take a practice run earlier in the week to feel reassured. Your mother and bridesmaids will leave in the first car/s. You and your father will follow close behind them in the main bridal vehicle.

Your Arrival
When the ushers welcome your mother, it is their cue to encourage the wedding guests to take their seats. This in turn provides the cue for the groom and his best man to take their positions. When you arrive take a few moments to pose for your photographer as you alight from whatever coach has brought you. If you use a professional hire service, your driver will probably aim to arrive ten minutes before commencement. This gives your bridesmaids a last opportunity to check that everything is perfect with your dress, veil and makeup. Now you are ready to join your groom.

This Moment Is Yours…
Take a deep breath and walk confidently into your future.

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