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At Your Reception

Traditional Order Of Proceedings
• Everyone arrives at the reception.
• The bride and groom greet their guests (you may decide to have a receiving line - see below). • More official photographs are usually taken at this point.
• The MC asks all to be seated.
• The MC announces the entrance of the bride and groom, then the entrance of the attendants and parents.
• Dinner is served.
• Towards the end of the meal the toasts and speeches commence.
• Cutting of the cake.
• Bride and groom begin the dancing with their chosen dance. Then attendants and parents join the dancing and finally all guests join in.
• Bridal couple mingle with guests.
• Bride throws bouquet to single ladies.
• Groom tosses garter to single men.
• Bride changes into going away outfit.
• Guests form circle for bride and groom to say goodbye to each guest. They go around the circle in opposite directions, so they finally meet up in front of their parents.
• Final farewell to parents.
• All guests gather to wave their final farewell to the bride and groom.
• Guests stay a little longer to thank the parents and finally depart the reception.

The Receiving Line
Recently, the receiving line has only been reserved for very formal and traditional weddings. It does, nonetheless, give you the opportunity to greet your guests personally. If you don’t think communication will be an issue at your reception, you don’t have to worry about having a receiving line, but if you want to observe the custom, this is how it’s typically formed:
• The bride’s parents
• The groom’s parents
• The bride and then her groom
• The attendants

The Grand Entrance
At the reception venue, the Master of Ceremonies asks for everyone to be seated after a short time of mingling and pre-dinner drinks. The MC then announces your entrance. This is your cue to enter the venue and enjoy the applause and support of all your guests. After finding your seat at the head table, the MC announces the entrance of your attendants (and parents, if they are seated at your table).

The Proceedings
Typically, there are a number of official features that play a role in carrying the event to its completion. After the meal, the MC will initiate the proposal of toasts. Turn to the 'Toasts & Speeches'‚ section in this edition for a more thorough explanation of what this entails.
After the speeches have been made the bride and groom step forward to cut their wedding cake. The bridal waltz begins after the cake has been taken away to be cut for the guests.

The Bridal Waltz
This is a romantic moment shared by you and your husband. The first dance of your married life is reserved for each other. As you continue to dance together, both sets of parents join the floor. The rest of the members of your bridal party follow them. Shortly after they have begun to dance, the invitation is open to the rest of your guests.
Just before you leave the wedding, the bride typically tosses her bouquet after which the guests form into a circle so you and your new husband can say a personal goodbye and thank you to all present. This will be a delightfully melancholy moment.

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