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Gift Registry

Photo: Carla van Dyk Photography

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Consider the bridal registry as a way of satisfying all parties involved. The gift-giver can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that they’re imparting something truly needed or desired by the couple. Similarly, it’s the perfect way for the couple to start collecting things they need or want for their new life together. Consider the registry to be a tasteful way of actually getting what you really would like to receive.
The process begins with you shopping beforehand in a store that allows bridal registries. Here you will complete a list of what it is you want in your registry. You may get carried away with all the great stuff on offer so prepare a list beforehand outlining exactly what is needed.
Many reputable department stores and specialty shops offer this service and are well prepared to assist in many different parts of the process. If accessibility is a problem for your guests, consider using an online registry. Many offer a comprehensive and thorough solution.
Ensure you select more gifts than the number of guests invited so there is plenty of choice.

A Range Of Prices
It is always important, however, to ensure your gift registry includes an extensive range of prices so no guest feels pressured into spending more money than they can afford.
Of course, once the list of necessities is completed, you are free to consider things that may be deemed luxury items. Possibly there will be more expensive gifts received from close family members or guests who decide to go in together. This can be very helpful if there were something expensive you liked, such as an entertainment system or a selection of furniture.
Remember that you’re not bound to one store when it comes to bridal registries; in fact it’s worthwhile searching out stores that will fulfil different services or specialties.

Registry Cards
Many stores now provide registry cards‚ that are sent out to guests inside their invitations. This is the easiest way of informing guests as to where you’re registered. If discretion is an issue, let the registry spread through word of mouth, or wait until the RSVPs have been received before sending out the registry cards. Always remember that it’s perfectly acceptable for a guest to buy you something that’s not on the list.

Gift Wrapping
Most registries also offer gift-wrapping and delivery to your home, where each gift should be carefully recorded in the 'guest and gift' list with the 'wedding planner' section of The Bride’s Diary so thank you letters can be written and distributed with ease.

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