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Gifts And Thank You Notes


Almost from the moment you announce your engagement, the gifts will start arriving. Engagement parties, bridal showers, the wedding itself … all perfect opportunities for your nearest and dearest to lavish you and your betrothed with tokens of their love and affection.

And they will usually want to give you something that will be of real use to you. So steer them in the right direction by letting them know if you need kitchen appliances, garden furniture, linen, or other household items.

It’s around this time that the idea of a bridal registry will take on a whole new meaning for you. A registry is a brilliant way of tactfully suggesting a variety of items in a range of prices. You get the opportunity to list all the things you really need, and your guests can happily select (without spending hours hunting) a gift that is within their budget as well as being something they know you’ll appreciate. It’s also a practical way of minimising the risk of duplication. One hundred and one kitchen whizzes? We don’t think so!

Many stores provide registry information cards for you to include with your wedding invitations - so find your preferred store before your invitation mailing date, but not so far in advance that the gifts you’ve selected will be out of stock before your guests receive the registry details.

Before registering, you and your beloved need to compile a list of the things you most want. And before he asks, yes, this task does require the attention of you both, and yes, he will need to accompany you to your chosen gift store (a big ask we know, particularly if the rugby’s on). List more items than you have guests so that there’s a wide choice (particularly for the late gift getters), and include lots of low to middle price gifts. Do include some big-ticket items because guests will sometimes combine resources to buy more expensive gifts.

Then make a beeline for a department store or a large gift store. Both usually offer the services of a specialist bridal consultant who can walk you through a wide range of gift ideas to help you fine tune your wish list. The consultant enters everything you choose into a bridal registry database and updates the list as items are purchased.

Now, here’s a tip you’ll love us for. Keep an accurate record of what you receive and from whom. As each gift arrives, add it to your list with the sender’s name and contact details. This list will save you hours of valuable time when it comes to sending out ‘thank you’ notes. Generosity should always be appreciated, and as you write a note to each gift-giver, it’s courteous to mention the actual item as you express your appreciation. Your list will not only save you time, it will also rescue you from those tricky: “Dear Aunt Clara, Thank you for the cookbook” … “No dear, it was a crock pot” moments. And your list serves another purpose: it’s a lasting reminder of all the wonderful gifts your family and friends gave you. How long after the shower or wedding should you send ‘thank you’ notes? As soon as possible - being prompt with your gratitude is always appreciated.

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