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Timeless Traditions


Something Old, Something New
This is definitely one of the better-known traditions. The entire saying is: 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe.' The 'old'‚ is symbolic of the bride’s previous life and family. The 'new'‚ symbolises success and good fortune in the future. Something 'borrowed'‚ reminds the bride that good friends will always be there. The 'blue'‚ signifies loyalty and faithfulness. Finally, 'a sixpence in her shoe’ is used to wish the bride future wealth.

The 'old' can be a piece of heirloom jewellery, the 'new' your wedding dress. The 'borrowed' something as simple as a lace handkerchief from a friend. And for the 'blue' many girls sew a small blue bow into their wedding day lingerie. You will need to source the sixpence from an older relative or antique coin dealer. Collecting the various items to honour this tradition is great fun.

Wedding Ring
Most commonly the wedding ring now signifies 'eternity', or 'without beginning, without end'. It is symbolic of an unbroken bond. Rings are usually presented at the engagement and wedding, and have become one of the most enduring wedding symbols.

The Bouquet Toss
The bouquet was said to contain herbs that could repel evil spirits. Still today, a bride clutches the bouquet as she marches down the aisle. The most famous (or infamous) tradition to come from the bouquet is in fact its tossing. Because the bride is considered to be lucky, to catch her bouquet might mean that some of her luck would be imparted to you. As such, tradition dictates that whichever of your single female friends catch the bouquet will be the next in line for marriage.

Throwing Of The Garter
The throwing of the garter by the groom is a French custom believed to bring good luck to the young man who catches the garter. Typically, her new husband removes the garter from the thigh of the bride.

Rice Throwing
Showering the newly weds in rice is supposed to bring good luck and fertility. The tradition began in Asia with a handful of grains and nuts.

Wedding Cake Charms
Wedding cake charms such as a thimble, a sixpence, a wedding ring or a bachelor’s button, are placed in the cake or the icing and each token symbolises the future of the bridesmaids or the single girls.

The Chimney Sweep
Kissing a chimneysweep is a delightful tradition hailing from England. The custom was born four hundred years ago when a chimneysweep saved the life of a king and was believed to be a sign of good luck. The king insisted that a chimneysweep attend his daughter’s wedding. The bride kissed his sooty face and the groom shook his hand, sealing the bestowal of life’s blessing on the couple.

Guardian Angel Of Love
Yet another charming option for your wedding day is to have the Guardian Angel of Love attend on your wedding. She bestows her blessings on the bridal couple with dance, song, poetry and a shower of rose petals (the symbol of love).

Delight in the traditions that make the wedding day so unique. They really do add a touch of fun and nostalgia.

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