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Your Trousseau

Photo: Carla van Dyk Photography

Your Little Bundle
This is another treat for you, now’s the time to spoil yourself. The word ‘trousseau’ comes from the French word ‘trousse’ meaning ‘little bundle’. Today, the bride’s ‘little bundle’ consists of her collection of clothes. It encompasses the going away outfit, honeymoon attire and those special pieces of lingerie you may have purchased for your wedding. Although it’s unseen by most, your lingerie is actually a very significant part of your trousseau.

Your Lingerie
You should regard your lingerie as an accessory just as important as any other. Most brides will purchase new lingerie for the day.
Lingerie is important in regards to your attire. It has the ability to dramatically alter your figure. You can have cleavage for the day with a padded or push-up bra if your dress calls for it, or find underwear that will smooth your stomach, back and hips. Lacey underwear is attractive, but it can be obvious under the more filmy fabrics of some wedding gowns. Therefore, a better choice of undergarment for this occasion would be a plain, silky fabric. Consider colour carefully. Apricot or flesh coloured lingerie is much less obvious under a white dress.

If the bodice of your wedding gown is fitted, you’ll need a simple bra with ‘invisible’ lines. If your dress is strapless, you’ll probably have to try on quite a few strapless bras until you find one that is comfortable and will stay in place.

Being properly fitted by an expert ensures that you will not be fiddling with the straps on the day. There is no better time than your wedding to receive a proper fitting. All good department stores have trained fitters in their lingerie department. It is their job to ensure that you are well fitted and comfortable with everything. You may also want to try more intimate specialty lingerie stores. The selection before you is virtually limitless. Therefore, take full advantage of the professional help the staff can offer you. It might be a good idea to bring all new lingerie to your final dress fitting, just to make sure your dress fits appropriately around your bra and your underwear is entirely invisible.

Hand washing your lingerie is usually the best method; however if you prefer to put it in the washing machine, buy a small lingerie bag. This will protect your precious items from being tangled.

Going Away Outfit
It’s advisable to buy something you will be able to wear again to the office or out to dinner. But you should also purchase something that fits in with the tone of your wedding. It’s a good idea to buy an outfit that matches the accessories you already have or you can find yourself spending a fortune.

In all the chaos of wedding preparations, don’t forget to properly pack for your honeymoon! This means you will have to start considering what to take well in advance, because you may have to purchase new items. Consider where you’re going and what kind of weather you can expect. Pack for any special occasions you have planned. From sporting activities to intimate dinners, be prepared to enjoy every moment in style.

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