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New Engagement Ring range from Jenna Clifford

An engagement ring is one of the most special, memorable keepsakes a woman will ever enjoy. For some women this is part of a lifelong dream, for others, a symbol of an eternal love. But for each and every young lady getting married there is something extraordinary about their very own ring.

The perfect engagement ring is a decision made by your heart and soul. Something that will forever remind you of the happiness experienced in that precious moment. To ensure that the moment is perfect, and your dream ring flawless, you need a jeweler that you trust completely - a designer who understands your true personality and style.

This season Jenna Clifford introduces her latest creations incorporating a playful, cheerful air combined with vintage flair that has regained popularity with brides who appreciate the motifs and styles from past eras.

Available from *R26 000

To design your very own unique Jenna Clifford heirloom contact : 011 523 6600 or

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